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About Uni

Founded in 1998, Construtora Uni is the result of a strategic project that brings together a highly capable technical team based on the concrete experience of its partners: Jacques Simão de Siqueira and Erotides de Freitas Mendes, both with more than 30 years of experience in the area. of Civil Engineering.


With a varied portfolio, Uni offers much more than just specialized labor and high quality materials. It offers a differentiated and exclusive product, in which everything is designed to satisfy customer expectations and meet the demands of a highly competitive and dynamic market. Currently, the portfolio has more than 1,500 works delivered.


That's why, over the years, Uni has been standing out for its seriousness in providing services and in the innovation and sophistication of its projects. Without, of course, forgetting the commitment to always offer the best technical and financial solutions, according to the reality of each client.


It is this sum of skills that provides agility and punctuality when delivering a work, anywhere in Brazil. After all, to be one of the national leaders in the commercial construction sector, Construtora Uni knows that only the union of different skills can build our best project: your satisfaction.

Política de Qualidade

Rev, 05 -25/07/23:

"Gerenciar e executar obras com excelência e sustentabilidade, aperfeiçoando os processos construtivos e práticas dos requisitos do sistema de gestão da qualidade, objetivando a satisfação dos clientes, melhoria contínua e o crescimento da empresa."


To be nationally recognized for its quality, seriousness, agility and socio-environmental responsibility, achieving excellent financial results.


  • Ethics and Transparency;

  • Image and Brand Credibility;

  • Responsible financial management;

  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness;

  • Training and qualification of employees;

  • Social Responsibility and Environment.

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